What is Asado?

Open Fire Grilling from Argentina


7/31/20221 min read

Considered an epitome of Argentinean gastronomy and culture, asado (lit. roast; roasted) is much more than merely a meal. In Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and in a number of other South American countries, it is both a culinary and social event attended by friends and family to share the joy of outdoor cooking. Asado traditionally features a wide selection of grilled meats, mainly beef, which Argentina is most known for. The meat is cooked on a special brick-built grill called la parrilla, and the fire can either be made with charcoal (parrilla al carbón) or wood (parrilla a leña) which is more typical for the countryside and known as asado criollo, a term that indicates a more rustic, traditional style of grilling.

First to go on the grill are "chorizos" (pork sausages), "morcillas" (blood sausages), and "achuras" (offal), followed by thinner beef cuts such as "matambre" (rose) and "entraña" (skirt steak), which are to be grilled hot and fast, as they would otherwise dry out.As for all the other juicy asado meats, they are grilled to perfection over "fuego lento" or slow fire. Some of the most popular cuts include "bife de chorizo" (sirloin), "tira de asado" (beef chuck ribs, flanken-style), "bife ancho" (Argentine ribeye), "bife angosto" (striploin), "bife de costilla" (T-bone or porterhouse), "lomo" (tenderloin), "cuadril" (rump), and "vacio" (flank steak). Lastly, apart from various side dishes and salads, the delicious asado meats are traditionally accompanied and doused with two sauces: chimichurri and salsa criolla.

Ok, I have to go grill now..... this made my mouth water.... Happy Grilling!!!